First step towards 100,000 tonnes

CarbonActionNow! is delighted to have taken a first small step towards its initial goal of enabling the CAN! Community to avoid and offset a total of 100,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions.

Our first funding support contribution was received yesterday, from an anonymous donor and, in accordance with out stated funding policy, half of the funds received have been used to purchase CERs from the UNFCCC Climate Neutral Now platform. The confirming certificate was received today.

This transaction took the total volume of CERs sold since the platform was launched in New York, on 21 September 2015, to 215,802 tonnes, a volume of 100,000 tonnes having been reached on 3rd April 2017, just over one and a half years after launch.

We have taken 100,000 tonnes as our initial goal since it seems aspirational to follow in the footsteps of this well publicized and very visible effort. Taking roughly half of the current UNFCC CNN volume may seem like lowering our sights, but the second part of any goal is of course its timescale! Our aim is to achieve this volume within one year of our official launch. The CAN! proof-of-concept trial is planned to begin in March 2018, with full launch expected around September.

Any contributions received before that date will ensure that we get of to a flying start (and make up a little, perhaps, for the slight disparity in media coverage likely between the two launch events 😉

Join us! All together we CAN! make a difference.

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