CAN! Update … February 2018

Here’s a summary of progress during our first month – since CarbonActionNow! was launched at the end of January.

Concept validation pilot

The CAN! website and process documentation have been developed to support a concept validation pilot. The aim of the pilot is to take 10 to 20 action groups through the CAN! process in order to test and improve the process and documentation. By the end of the month expressions of interest to participate in the pilot were starting to come in. Overall during February, the site had visitors from the UK, US, Germany, India, Portugal, Indonesia, Ireland, Finland, and Mauritius.

Online presence

CAN! joined the Twitterati and celebrated by offsetting one tonne of carbon emissions on behalf of each of its ten Founding Followers.






As anyone who has tried to build an online following knows it is slow progress to start with. Nevertheless, we grew from 1 follower on the 1st to 20 on the 28th. If we can keep up that growth we’ll have a billion followers by the end of the summer!

Marketing campaign

A campaign to raise funds for online marketing was launched on the YouCaring platform. In line with our mission and fundraising policy, 50% of all contributions will be used to purchase and cancel CERs, while remaining funds will be used for online marketing of the CAN! Concept Validation Pilot. The campaign can be found at

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