CAN! Update … Our first year

January 30th, 2019 marked the first anniversary of CarbonActionNow! – here’s a summary of progress during our first year.

Concept validation pilot

We launched the CarbonActionNow! process at the end of January, 2018 with the idea of running a concept validation pilot, aiming to take a number of action groups through the CAN! process in order to test and improve the process and documentation. Although we had a significant number of expressions of interest (around 50 over the year), turning this interest into active Action Groups proved to be more difficult. By the end of the year, 6 groups had registered their intention to take up the process – with Asia, Europe, Africa and North America being represented. 

Marketing focus

Twitter has been our main communications tool so far, with our following growing from 20 at the end of February 2018 to around 3550 by the end of our first year. Along the way, we celebrated the 1000 follower milestone by offsetting the total body mass plus a bit more (75 tonnes-CO2), using the UNFCCC’s Climate Neutral Now online platform.

UNFCCC CERs purchased to offset the bodymass of our first 1000 Twitter followers!

Our cumulative carbon emissions impact to date stands at 88 tonnes – just 99,912 tonnes to go before we reach our first major milestone!

CAN! community revamp

CarbonActionNow!was initially set-up using an on-line community structure, to enable communication and sharing between Action Groups, as well as the uploading of action plans, action completion evidence, &c. With our limited support resources, maintaining this structure (built using WordPress plug-ins with somewhat unpredictable interactions!) proved too onerous, and this has now been dropped.

Instead, Action Groups will receive support directly from the CAN! support team. An active Twitter list, maintained by CAN! Support, will be used to enable communication and sharing between groups.

The CarbonActionNow! Standard, which defines the process and requirements leading to the issue of Verified Personal Emissions Reduction credits (VPERs), has been updated to reflect this change in operating procedure, and is available on request from

First year round-up

Fair to say our first year has not progressed quite according to plan. Despite continued confidence in the CAN! concept, progress has been slow – reflecting in some respects the slow global progress in addressing the existential challenge of climate change.

But, to paraphrase Theodore Roosevelt, “Anything worth going takes work!”

So, the work goes on…

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