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In line with our vision of global collective action, our aim is that the project will be entirely “bootstrapped” by voluntary contributions from those who share the vision and want to see it fully developed, launched, and having a significant impact on CO2 emissions.

To progress our mission, 50% of all contributions will be used up-front to purchase and cancel CDM certified emissions reductions (CERs) using the UNFCCC’s Climate Neutral Now platform. Development work will be progressed using the remaining funds, and any year end surplus will be used to purchase and retire additional emissions permits or CERs.

Contribute via PayPal:

If you would like to contribute via PayPal, please send your donation to

Contributions to date via PayPal have resulted in the cancellation of CERs covering: 78 tonnes of CO2 (… only 99,922 to go to meet our first target!)

Contribute via Bitcoin transfer to:

For contributions sent to our Bitcoin address (provided on request), 80% of received funds will be used up-front to purchase and retire emissions permits or CERs. This reflects the high energy consumption of the global Bitcoin mining operation and the fact that more than 10 tonnes of CO2 are emitted by power stations around the world for each Bitcoin mined.

Thank you for your contribution to CarbonActionNow!

If you would like to receive the cancelled CER certificate purchased as a result of your donation, which you can count towards offsetting your personal or organizational unavoidable emissions, please complete the form below.

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