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We’ll tell you a bit more about the aims and scope of the pilot below, but the first point to make is this … if you decide to create an Action Group and join the pilot, you and the other members of your group will be able to multiply the global impact of your efforts at least 5-fold (we hope a great deal more – see footnote), that is our promise. But it will require real work! You and your group will need to work the process; decide how you are individually going to reduce your carbon footprints, deliver on those commitments, and demonstrate that you have meet the verification requirements, so that the organizations sponsoring your efforts have trust in the outcome.

Still up for it? Please read on …

Scope and purpose

The aim of the CAN! concept validation pilot is to test and improve the Rev 0.0 CAN! process, documentation, etc., by working through the process with a number of path-finding action groups.

The main things that we hope to improve in this way are;

  • the step-by-step-process – does it work? anything missing? improvement ideas?
  • the CAN! Standard – is it clear? complete?
  • the user guides and templates – are they clear? useful? what else is needed?
  • the CAN! Community site …

The technology used in this pilot implementation of the CAN! Community site is very much a “minimum viable system”, providing basic functionality to support a small number of groups through the process. While sufficient for a modest pilot it is clearly not scalable. Learning from the pilot will be used in developing a richer and more complete system for the next stage in the CAN! journey.

As well as working the process, we will also gain some early data on the level of interest shown in the concept, both from individuals and from potential sponsors, which will help to shape our approach to rolling out Rev 1.0.

Simplified Process

Two aspects of the CAN! process will be simplified for the pilot; partnering with a sponsor organization and verification of baseline and action completion.

Partnering with a sponsor organization – it is anticipated that this will eventually be driven by the action group itself, for example by engaging a common employer or local business, but for the pilot it is envisaged that this will be done centrally. That said, if your action group has an obvious sponsor and you’re prepared to take this on then that’s also possible.

Our reasons for doing this centrally are two-fold – to simplify and focus the group’s work and remove a potential barrier to entry, and to gain some direct central experience on the challenges of engaging sponsors to incorporate into future group guidance material.

Verification of baseline and action completion – verification is the foundation of trustworthiness within the CAN! Community and, most importantly, between a group and its sponsor. Various verification mechanisms have been considered, perhaps requiring nominated Verifiers, with certified digital credentials, verifying evidence both within and across groups, and so forth.

But such complexity seems only necessary where there is no trust.

So, we’re starting simple, aiming for a system in which trust is built internally and not fabricated or replaced by compliance with complex requirements.

Right, that’s probably enough for an introduction.

If you have question please use the short form below.

If you’ve gathered between 5 and 20 friends or colleagues who are interested in taking part, then you can use this link to register your action group.


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By participating in the pilot you will be helping the CAN! concept to take root. If, as we hope, the project grows to a global scale, your efforts will have been multiplied not just 5-fold but perhaps 500,000-fold!