Action groups are the engine room of CarbonActionNow!

Any group of people who share something in common – a work or play team, a local community, even a Facebook group can form an action group.

Although co-location is the ideal, to enable frequent face-to-face interaction, virtual groups connected only by a shared on-line interest can also form an action group and join the CarbonActionNow! Community.

Every action group must have at least 2 members who are ready to take on the important task of verification – the guardians of the group’s reputation for trustworthiness. During the concept validation trial, action groups are limited to 20 members; eventually there will be no upper limit on the size of a group.

Once you’ve formed an action group you can register it on the site, where a CAN! moderator will review and validate your registration application.

After successful registration, you will be able to build a group page in the members area of the CarbonActionNow! site, to introduce the team and its members to the global community.

You will also be able to see where other action groups are located, what they have achieved and are planning, join discussion threads on the CAN! process steps, and benefit from the collective experience of the community.

Then on to the next step – Develop your group action plan.