Create or join an action group

Action groups are the engine room of CarbonActionNow!

Any group of people who share something in common can form an action group … a work or play team, a local community, even a Facebook group.

Although co-location is the ideal, to enable frequent face-to-face interaction, virtual groups connected only by a shared on-line interest can also form an action group and join the CarbonActionNow! community.

Every action group must have at least 2 members who are ready to take on the important task of verification – the guardians of the group’s reputation for trustworthiness.

Once you’ve formed an action group register with CarbonActionNow! and download a copy of the CAN! Standard that contains all the guidance to enable your group to follow the CAN! VPERs process.

Then on to the next step – Develop your group action plan.

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