Create an action plan to reduce your footprint

To develop the footprint reduction action plan, each group member will review the list of verifiable footprint reduction actions and commit to implementing as many as possible during the coming year.

Completing this task as a team rather than individually will be an opportunity for healthy challenge, the sharing of ideas and very likely the identification of unexpected opportunities.

The two most important characteristic of a viable reduction action are;

  1. it must be possible to establish a baseline as the starting point for your reduction efforts, and
  2. it must be possible to verify the amount of footprint reduction achieved as a result of those efforts.

These two requirements – to baseline and to verify – mean that there will be some important ways in which you can reduce your footprint that you won’t be able to get credit for (we hope that won’t stop you from taking them!) Information on the range of verifiable actions is included in the CAN! Standard.

Once group members have decided on their individual commitments, these can be compiled to form your group’s overall Action Plan and shared with the CarbonActionNow! team. A summary of group Action Plans will be published periodically on the CAN! site, so you will also be able to see how the aspiration of your group compares with other groups, locally, nationally and globally.

Now you’re ready to tackle the first of the two important characteristics noted above …
Step 3 – Establish the baseline for each of your commitments.

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