Verify action plan outcomes

Meeting the verification requirement set out in the CAN! Standard is the final step before your completed action can be confirmed and added to your action group’s achievement record.

Once one of your group colleagues verifies that you’ve met the requirements of the Standard, the evidence of your completed action can be shared with the CAN! team. Your attestation of the completion of an action will include the assurance that the associated footprint reduction has not been claimed elsewhere, for example by another member of your household as a member of another action group.

Apart from verification within your group, the evidence will also be reviewed by CAN! moderators to ensure standards and consistency are maintained. You are also encouraged to share your evidence with the rest of the CAN! Community, to demonstrate your achievement, and as an example that others can learn from.

In some cases evidence will need to be kept to establish a baseline for the following year, but all evidence will be deleted from CAN! records at most 2 years after submission.

Final step, Step 6 – Receive reward for your emissions reductions achievements.

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