The CAN! VPERs Process

VPERs (Verified Personal Emissions Reductions) are the personal equivalent of the Certified Emissions Reductions (CERs) that companies can purchase to offset their carbon emissions.

CERs are typically generated by projects operating as part of a scheme such as the UNFCCC CDM, and many (but not all) are certified according to the CDM Gold Standard.

There are many actions we can undertake individually to reduce our carbon footprints – such as switching to an EV, reducing our household energy consumption, or switching to a renewable energy provider. If these actions are undertaken by individuals within a group applying the CAN! Standard, they can qualify for the issue of VPERs, which can then be purchased by a sponsoring company to offset their unavoidable emissions. By using the sponsorship funds in turn to purchase UNFCCC CDM offsets, the carbon footprint reduction efforts of the group can be multiplied 5- to 10-fold.

For further details of the process, take a look at How it works or download a copy of the CAN! Standard for a full description of the process.

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